Neuro Rehabilitation


At Mullighan Rehab offers outpatient programs for patients of all ages in the areas of Trauma, Stroke, Brain Injury, Neuro Muscular Disease and Workplace Injury. We strive to maintain a close relationship among the patient, the therapist and the referring physician. In some situations an independent case manager joins the treatment team to assure that an optimal rehabilitation plan is in place.

An experienced multi-disciplinary team, combining therapists and physician, participates in patient’s evaluation. Throughout the rehab experience the plan of care is continually monitored to assure progress toward the best possible results for each individual patient. Besides individualized treatment plans, unique special programs have been developed by the Neuro Rehab staff in the areas of postoperative spine, stroke, and brain injury.

Following the physician’s prescription for rehabilitation services, your process begins as one of our highly trained therapists takes a medical history and performs a thorough evaluation. Based on his/her findings, an individual treatment plan will be created and treatment will begin during the first appointment. The rehabilitation staff will also work with each patient to establish a personalized home exercise program that is vital to a positive outcome and will help speed recovery.

Physical Therapy Services at our Neuro Rehabilitation Center include:

    • Brain Injury Program
    • Headaches
    • Fibromyalgia / Chronic Pain
    • Neuropathy / Peripheral Neuropathy / Post Cancer Neuropathy
    • Lymphedema
    • Post Operative Spine Rehabilitation Program
    • Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation
    • Management of general orthopedic / post surgical conditions

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