Mullighan rehab provides and implements evidence based treatment protocols and management of different musculoskeletal and neural problems through a range of interrelated solutions. We have developed unmatched treatment and management solutions for the following musculoskeletal ailments/problems. Neck and low back pain LBP), all forms of arthritis, post reconstruction rehabilitation of Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Achilles tendon, BELL’S palsy, all form of peripheral nerve weakness, sports injuries among others.

We additionally offer expert physiotherapy assessment and reports for medical legal purposes. At Mullighan rehab, we undertake specialist, advanced assessment of patients including those with diverse or complex presentations/multi pathologies; we use advanced clinical reasoning, analytical and investigative skills and manual assessment techniques to interpret clinical and non clinical facts in order to provide an accurate diagnosis or different diagnosis of the client’s condition.

We formulate and deliver individualized physiotherapy/Rehabilitation treatment programmes based on a high level of knowledge of evidence based practice and treatment options e.g. manual physiotherapy techniques, therapeutic handling skills, patient education, exercise classes, respiratory techniques, electrotherapy techniques e.t.c. We interpret a range of clinical and non clinical information in order to formulate a clinical opinion to; recommend best course of physiotherapeutic intervention, to inform and influence discharge plans, to inform and influence return to work, to advise and plan further rehab elsewhere.

We further evaluate patient progress, reassess and alter treatment programmes as required. Mullighan also provides advice on advanced physiotherapy care and treatment based on theoretical knowledge and relevant practical experience and we are consulted frequently for specialized advice and guidance by organizations and offer health care practitioners on relevant interventional measures.

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