Mullighan Rehab services are next to the French School Kilimani. Our modern state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to offer our patients an excellent opportunity to reach their optimal functional abilities. Managed and operated by well-trained Physiotherapists mandates that patient care is our number one priority. Mullighan takes pride in the level of personal and compassionate care that is delivered; emphasizing a ‘hands on’ approach to rehabilitation and exercise. Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation to identify impairments and functional limitations.

A plan of care is then established, patient education initiated, and expected outcomes are discussed. Patient participation in their rehabilitation process is emphasized and reinforced throughout their episode of treatment, and is absolutely necessary to the success of their individual program. Communication with our referral sources is provided in a timely manner through confidential emails, updates, and reports. Training and education of our outstanding professional staff is an ongoing process with weekly in-service and workshops.

Continuing education is required of all licensed therapists to maintain our clinically excellent standards of patient care. Resource therapists with specialty training constantly upgrade and enhance the delivery of physiotherapy to insure the quality and level of services provided. The individual goal of every therapist is to restore each patient to his or her optimal performance and prior level of function. Service and patient satisfaction are guaranteed through outcome assessment and peer review systems established at Mullighan Rehab Services.

With the current trend towards rapid healing approaches, Mullighan rehabilitation has developed programmes to enable the integration of these and other technologies to provide unique and innovative solutions that meet specific customer’s needs. These utilize the state of the art medical equipment and advanced trained personnel.

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